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Margin: 4-6%
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Have you heard about OdiBets? This bookmaker is getting more and more popular on the African continent due to its excellent services. Even though the African market is abundant in betting platforms, some of them are getting recognition because of their quality, and OdiBets is one of them. 

This website was established in Kenya in 2018, which makes it quite a recent platform, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the leaders in the local market. At the moment, the organization is not yet available on the Ugandan market, but according to the rumors, it is planning to be launched there. Due to this, we decided to share with you the most important information regarding this company and its main characteristics. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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OdiBets Pros and Cons

  • Large number of betting options Great mobile app
  • Casino games and slot machines
  • eSports
  • Live betting
  • Limited sports library
  • App available only on Android
  • Only one payment method
  • No promotional offers

Main Features

OdiBets is mainly known in the industry for offering great services to its members and focusing essentially on sports betting, including different types of entertainment and generous opportunities.

The company has a decent sports library with a great number of sports; however, it is not as large as the sports collections of other huge platforms. Members may profit from various betting options on popular sports like football or basketball, but if you prefer sports like table tennis or golf, then this website is definitely not for you.

Even though the organization’s sports library is pretty limited, it still proposes gripping activities to diversify its members’ experiences; among them, we may find the following options.

  • Live betting 
  • Betting on eSports
  • Casino games
  • Slot machines

The company also has a handy mobile application, which may be interesting for those bettors who prefer betting on the go.

App’s Main Characteristics

Odibets App's Main Characteristics

Since the OdiBets organization managed to develop a convenient mobile application for its members, we thought that it would be interesting to discover it together and share with you our quick overview of this mobile platform. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to download the app on any iOS device since the company made it available only on Android gadgets, which is a huge disappointment. However, after installing the Android app, we were able to access the platform’s mobile services without any problem since the company designed its app in a very convenient way.

It is easy to use, quick and has smooth navigation that permits access to each of the bookmaker’s features rapidly. The OdiBets mobile application has mainly the same characteristics as the desktop website, except it is adapted to mobile devices, which allows members to bet on the go. 

Bettors may profit from live betting options as well as traditional ones and may even access casino games, which is really awesome.

How to Download

Downloading the OdiBets app doesn’t require any specific software or skills; it may be downloaded via the company’s official website, which is strongly recommended. Since there is a lot of fraudulent activity out there, obtaining it from external sources may be very risky and could put you in danger. Even though the procedure itself is super easy, we suggest taking a look at it in detail. 

  1. Navigate to the bookie’s website.
  2. Locate and tap on “Menu.”
  3. Scroll to the bottom.
  4. Press “Download OdiBets App.”
  5. Click on “DOWNLOAD NOW.”
  6. Wait for the .apk file to be downloaded.
  7. Open it and proceed with the instructions.
  8. Wait for the installation to be finished.
  9. Done!

App vs. Desktop

Nowadays, most bettors prefer betting via the mobile application, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t bettors out there who still prefer placing their bets the old-school way, via the desktop website. This is just a question of preferences, after all, which is totally normal since both versions are very effective but, at the same time, very different. Let’s take a look at their main differences and contrast them. 

Simple to use and very handyDoesn’t require any installation or updating
May be used on the goNo notifications or alerts
Regular notifications for betting events and bets placedMay be used only on computers
Requires installation and regular updatingEasy and rapid to access
Odibets Is the Bookie Legal and Safe?

Since online betting is a very ambiguous subject, bettors have already been used to verify each bookie’s legitimacy before joining it, which is indeed a wise move since the market abounds in platforms that may be fraudulent or illegal. 

Checking each bookie’s license and official documents is a crucial part of signing up for a platform to prevent inconvenient situations and putting your budget in jeopardy.

Speaking of OdiBets, you will not have to worry about anything since the organization is regulated by the BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board) and is totally authorized by the Kenyan government. This regulation allows the company to operate legally in the country and provide its services in a reliable manner. 

Since OdiBets is just preparing to be launched in Uganda, it will also have an obligation to receive authorization from the local authorities to function properly. 


Odibets Registration

Now that you know the company and its characteristics a little bit better, you are finally ready to join the platform. Registering on the OdiBets website or via the app is very rapid and will not take you more than a few minutes. The process is safe and really quick, thanks to the company’s developers. Let’s take a look at it!

  1. Navigate to the OdiBets website.
  2. Locate and press “JOIN NOW.”
  3. Enter your telephone number.
  4. Invent a password and confirm it.
  5. If you have a referral code enter it as well.
  6. Confirm being more than 18 years old.
  7. Click on “Create Account.”
  8. Confirm the registration by SMS.
  9. Done!

Remember or note down the information you provided, as it will be needed while logging in.


Odibets Login

After creating your personal account on the platform, you are now able to access it by logging in. The login procedure is even more rapid than the sign-up process since all you need to do is provide the information given during registration. We suggest taking a look at the procedure step by step. 

  1. Navigate to Odibets.
  2. Locate and tap on “Login.”
  3. Enter your telephone number.
  4. Fill in your password in the corresponding gap.
  5. Press “Log in.”
  6. Enjoy!


Odibets Bonuses
Exclusive deal for Uganda: One-of-a-kind bonus from OdiBets

Sports bettors adore profiting from various promotional offers and bonuses since they permit them to spice up their experience and make it a bit more profitable than usual. 

Bookmakers usually provide a generous number of bonuses and offer to their members to attract their attention and transform their betting journey by making it more interesting and beneficial. However, not all bookies manage to offer such privileges.

OdiBets is one of those betting platforms that doesn’t offer any promotions to its users, which is really disappointing. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed as soon as possible.


Odibets Currencies

Since OdiBets operates in different countries on the African continent, it is totally natural for it to allow its members to perform monetary transactions in various currencies. At the moment, users may perform any kind of transaction using either the Kenyan shilling or the Ghanaian cedi; any other currency will require a currency exchange. As stated in the company’s terms and conditions, the exchange rate will be defined as the mid-rate. 

You may profit from currency exchange services only via the company’s official website; other types of exchanges are totally forbidden. 

How to Deposit

When you are finally ready to invest funds in your personal profile or replenish your balance, you will have to go through the deposit process. 

The deposit procedure is necessary to profit from the bookie’s services; without investing any funds, you will not be able to participate in betting activities or benefit from other profitable features. The money you invest in your account is the money used to place bets, which makes it an essential part of the whole process. Let’s check out this procedure in detail. 

  1. Visit the OdiBets website.
  2. Enter into your personal account.
  3. Open the “Deposit” tab.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to invest.
  5. Confirm the transaction by entering the MPesa PIN.
  6. Follow the given instructions.
  7. Validate the transfer.
  8. Done!

Payment Methods

Obviously, a large number of payment options permits members to have a wider choice of the method they may use to replenish their balance.

Unfortunately, OdiBets accepts only MPesa payments, and even though this payment method is widespread and considered reliable, it is still difficult for users who wish to profit from other options. We really hope that the company integrates new methods soon so that every user may feel comfortable investing their funds on the website.

First Deposit Bonus

As stated previously, most betting websites on the market try to provide their users with as many promotional offers as possible to make their experience a little bit more enjoyable and beneficial. One of the leading bonuses on the market is the “first deposit bonus,” mostly known as the “welcome offer.” This offer permits bettors to obtain a welcome gift from the company that usually consists either of free bets or free cash that may be used on the platform to start off more successfully. 

Sadly, OdiBets doesn’t have any welcome bonuses available at the moment.

Minimum Deposit

Some betting platforms impose on their members a set of rules regarding the deposit process, which include a fixed minimum and maximum amount users may invest in their personal accounts. These rules are mainly established for security purposes; there is nothing to worry about. However, the OdiBets company doesn’t have such restrictions regarding deposits, which means you may invest as much as you wish. 

Deposit Code

Since the only payment method accepted by the organization is MPesa, members may profit from all the services offered by this precise payment option. 

MPesa is a mobile banking service that provides a deposit code and deposit options by SMS, which is, without a doubt, a very convenient function. Using this kind of code is permitted on OdiBets as well so that members may invest their money in the most comfortable way possible. Here is the code provided by MPesa to replenish your betting balance.

  • MPesa Paybill: 290680

Prediction Tips

Odibets Prediction Tips

Everybody knows that joining a betting platform is not as easy as it seems at first. Most beginners tend to get lost in the diversity of sports, betting options, and games and usually lose all their money by rushing and making unwise decisions. 

Most experts are convinced that making the right predictions and sticking to trustworthy strategies will save your betting experience, even when beginning your betting career. This is why it is always important to get the right advice and tips at the right moment, not to make fatal decisions. We suggest taking a look at the prediction tips we gathered for you with the help of our team of professionals.

  • Verified prediction tips: You always have the possibility to check out what professionals in the betting industry recommend in terms of predictions. Betting experts usually share their personal predictions online on verified resources with the help of other experts so that other bettors don’t have to spend time making those decisions themselves. Nobody said that you have to predict the results yourself, right? Then you may profit from the information accessible online freely, benefit from predictions made by other professionals, and place your bets regarding the advice given. Be sure to always verify if the site you are using is legit.
  • Study: It will be impossible for you to make correct predictions regarding the matches you are betting on without having the right information and knowledge. Betting is mostly about studying and analyzing the games, teams, and news in the sports industry and learning about the strategies used by the players themselves. We highly recommend you spend some time learning and getting the right amount of knowledge to be able to correctly predict games. We advise you to take a look at the teams’ way of playing and their behavior, their tactics, and all the little details that may change your way of betting as well. 
  • Get in touch: Reaching out to other bettors or professionals online is a good idea if you wish to exchange information or obtain new data regarding your betting experience. Most bettors and experts openly share their personal advice online on betting forums or their private blogs. You may always contact them and discuss prediction tips, obtain some precious information, or simply share advice. Don’t be scared, most bettors or really friendly!  

How to Bet

Odibets How to Bet

If you are ready to begin your betting experience, then we should definitely discuss how to bet on the platform. This procedure is very common and looks like most betting procedures available on other websites, but it still needs to be analyzed in detail so that you don’t get lost when making your first steps. We suggest taking a look at the process together.

  1. Navigate to OdiBets.
  2. Enter your personal account.
  3. Open the “Menu.”
  4. Pick the sport you wish to bet on.
  5. Select the event. 
  6. Pick your betting options.
  7. Enter the amount you wish to wager.
  8. Add your bet to your betslip.
  9. Press “PLACE BET.”
  10. Well done!

Betting Markets

You probably already know that there is not one single way to bet online. Bookmakers usually abound in different betting options that may be accessed at any time and used on most events available. These options are usually called “betting markets,” and they permit members to diversify their experience by picking the most beneficial and appropriate way of betting. 

These markets are tools that mainly focus on helping bettors correctly predict the outcome of a match or making it easier than usual. Let’s take a look at the most popular betting markets used on the OdiBets platform.  

Double Chance

The Double Chance market is a very profitable way of betting. This option is usually used by bettors who don’t appreciate risk and prefer taking it slow. By using this type of betting, you have the possibility to bet on two teams at once, which will surely suit those who constantly hesitate. Using this option, you may bet on the home team to win the match or draw, the away team to win the match or draw, or simply the home or away team to win, which gives you quite many alternatives.


Another well-liked option that is regularly used by OdiBets members is the 1X2 market. This betting type is mainly used in sports where there is the possibility of a draw, like football or tennis, for example. It is known for being quite common among bettors since it is really easy to understand and quite profitable because of how easy it is to calculate. Basically, bettors may bet either on a home win, which is represented by the 1, on a draw, which is the X, or an away win, which is the 2.

Bet Types

OdiBets clients may profit not only from various betting markets but also from different bet types. 

Bet types basically represent the number of events, including outcomes, in your bet slip. You may organize them in different ways to make them as profitable as possible. We suggest checking them out. 


Single bet types are the most common way of betting online. If you place this type of bet, it basically means that you are placing your cash on a single outcome of a precise event. It is the easiest betting type that can be used on the platform, which is why it is appreciated by beginners. 


Multiple bets are also a very popular type of bet on the market, as well as on OdiBets. This type is basically the opposite of the single one since it consists of two or more outcomes and is a series of different single bets gathered in one bet slip. Odds also change depending on the number of outcomes added, and usually, the bigger the number of events, the higher the odds.

Bet Limits

As stated previously, most bookmakers tend to control betting activity on their websites by establishing some specific rules regarding all types of limits, including deposit, betting, and withdrawal procedures. These limits are set for security purposes only; their goal is to manage and control the activity on the website and prevent any dangerous or fraudulent behavior. 

They also permit bettors not to overspend and control the amount of cash they regularly invest in their accounts. Here is a quick overview of the rules established by the platform. 

  • The minimum stake on the website is 1 KSH.
  • The maximum stake is 50,000 KSH.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 KSH.
  • The maximum payout is 1,000,000 KSH by ticket.

Withdrawal Procedure

Odibets Withdrawal Procedure

After spending some time on the OdiBets platform, you probably wish to take out the winnings you made from your account, which is absolutely normal. Withdrawing the money you won by exploring the website and profiting from its features is very easy. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes, especially since there is only one payment method available on the sportsbook. However, we still recommend you take a look at the procedure in detail.

  1. Navigate to the bookie’s website.
  2. Enter your personal profile.
  3. Tap on “Menu.”
  4. Press on the “Withdrawal” button.
  5. Enter the amount that you wish to take out.
  6. Click on “Request withdrawal.”
  7. Wait for the company to confirm the transaction.
  8. Done!

Remember that you can’t withdraw less than 100 KSH.

Payment Methods

Since the only payment method proposed by OdiBets is MPesa, unfortunately, there’s no alternative option for withdrawing your money other than it. This payment option is considered reliable and trustworthy; it is appreciated by many bettors and used on a daily basis by thousands of users for different online banking purposes. 

You may safely take out your funds using MPesa while waiting for new payment systems to be integrated into the platform. We hope that the organization will introduce new payment options soon.


Odibets Casino

Besides being a great betting platform, OdiBets also offers casino services that members may benefit from to diversify their experience on the website. The company has a great library of casino games and slot machines accessible to everyone.

When getting to the casino page, you will probably be very surprised by the number of games displayed on your screen; this collection is gigantic and diverse. You will be able to access innovative new games as well as classics of the casino industry like “Baccarat” or “Blackjack,” and profit from a great number of colorful slots.

Members of OdiBets usually visit the casino page to distract themselves from the classic betting experience, and here is the list of the most favored entertainments that bettors usually go for.

  • Aviator
  • Mandege
  • Bigger Bass Bonanza
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • RocketMan

Sports Collection

Odibets Sports Collection

After exploring the casino section of the website, it would be fair to assume that the company’s sports library is also very large, but regrettably, that’s not the case.

At the moment, the organization provides its members with a decent number of sports, but this number can’t compete with the libraries of other big betting companies since most of the sports proposed by the bookie are mainly popular ones. 

The collection displayed on the company’s website is not impressive at all, but it doesn’t mean that it’s too limited either. Members may find most of the sports usually appreciated by bettors there, like football or basketball, but they will not be able to find any niche sports that are less famous. On the other hand, the organization managed to provide its members with a decent number of eSports, which is surely worthy of respect. 

We suggest taking a look at the company’s most popular sports.

  • eSoccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Cricket


Odibets Countries

OdiBets is a multinational platform, but it is still expanding nowadays, which means that the area in which the country operates is not really large at the moment.

The organization has a great presence on the African continent but is available only in two countries at the moment – Kenya and Ghana. 

By hearsay, the bookmaker is now working on making the platform available in Uganda. It would be nice if Ugandan bettors would be able to access all of the company’s advantages and profit from them as much as they wish.


Odibets Support

In case you have any questions or inquiries you would like to address to the company and its staff, then you may feel free to contact the organization’s customer care service, which is always available and ready to cooperate. 

You may reach out to the support team with literally any question regarding OdiBets services or your personal inquiries regarding your account or your experience. To do so, you may contact it via the following channels.

Standart Rate Call: 0709183680

Remember that the telephone number given on the website is a Kenyan number.


Odibets Conclusion

To wrap up our review of the platform, we may affirm that OdiBets is a great betting platform, but it still needs to expand and improve its services. This bookmaker has the potential to grow into a bigger organization, but at the moment, it is still kind of local and has lots of features to improve. For instance, the bookie’s sports library seems really poor compared to those provided by other bookies. Also, we would enjoy seeing more promotional offers and an application available for iOS users.

If we don’t take all these details into account, then we can consider OdiBets a very convenient platform with a decent number of features and a great casino section. It will perfectly suit beginners and those bettors who are not too picky in terms of betting options. 

Name Bonus Cash Out Live Streaming
Odibets From 3 GHs freebet Yes Yes
Msport 1.000.000 UGX Yes Yes
BetWinner 900.000 UGX Yes Yes
BetSure Free Bet No No
Fortebet 1.000 UGX No No


How do I bet on OdiBets online?
Simply register on the website, deposit money, and pick a sport you wish to bet on.
How do I bet by code on OdiBets?
You may place a bet on the platform by sending your selection to the 29680 number. Beware that this number is available only in Kenya.
How do I place a new bet?
Pick a sport that you like from the menu and make your selection, then suggest your bet slip.
How do I bet on OdiBetsby SMS?
SMS betting is not yet available in Uganda, but if you wish to bet by SMS, simply send your prediction to 29680.
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