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Margin: 4-6%
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The world of bookmakers is full of different offers that can meet the needs of all kinds of punters and gamblers. Among them are betting platforms that aim to do it all at once. One of such versatile examples is BetKing. This Nigeria-based platform offers an endless list of features that can satisfy even the most demanding players.

And in this article, we will cover everything about this bookmaker. Unfortunately, if you reside in Uganda, you have to know that the website doesn’t work yet there and doesn’t have a license in the country. In this text, we will describe every main aspect of this platform, such as the betting process itself, how to register and sign in, the offered sports and markets, as well as payment methods. Hopefully, soon we’ll see all of this in Uganda, too.

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BetKing Pros and Cons

  • Many sports to wager on
  • Casino and virtual options
  • A good number of payment options
  • Well-designed mobile application
  • Easy to navigate
  • No smartphone applications
  • The desktop website could look more modern

BetKing Features

As we mentioned at the very beginning, this platform aims to be an all-around solution. It means that it has all of the features you might expect from the website. 

Let’s start with the most important aspect of any bookmaker: the betting itself. The platform provides enough sports to wager on, and there are additional features such as the cash-out option or live betting. Casino slots also exist and will provide a diverse gambling experience to punters. It’s easy to access the website from a mobile device, even though there are no apps for smartphones at all.

BetKing Mobile App Features

BetKing Mobile App Features

BetKing might be an established bookmaker, but it still doesn’t offer any applications for some reason. If you want to access the platform on your phone, your option is the mobile website. Thankfully, it does a pretty good job of providing all of the needed features. It also looks good and even features an MLite version that’s optimized for less powerful devices.

How to Download

Since there’s no app for iOS or Android, to use the service from your phone, simply visit the website. The mobile version is perfectly capable and offers no-compromise betting and gambling experiences.

Comparison With the Desktop Version

The mobile website looks much more modern than the desktop one. It’s also more minimalist and looks nicer, in our opinion. Navigation is a breeze, and accessing any needed feature doesn’t take a lot of time. The capabilities are all the same, so in our opinion, the mobile version is superior to the desktop website.

Is BetKing Reliable and Safe?

Yes, the platform is perfectly legal and operates in Nigeria, its home country, under a local license. But our article focuses on how the bookmaker works in Uganda. And there is bad news: the platform doesn’t have a national license in the country. You can use the Nigerian version, of course, but keep the risks in mind.

How to Register on BetKing

How to Register on BetKing

If you’re starting to get interested in trying the platform, then you don’t have to worry. The registration process on the website is effortless and unlikely to cause any issues. Below are the steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click “Join.”
  3. Enter your mobile number. It must be registered in Nigeria, so if you reside in Uganda and don’t have a number, there might be issues.
  4. Click “Next.”
  5. Come up with a password.
  6. Provide your full name. Make sure you spell it the same way as it’s written in your financial information.
  7. Click or tap “Next” again.
  8. Provide your email address.
  9. Enter your full date of birth.
  10. Select the area you’re living in.
  11. Tick the box confirming being of legal betting age and agreeing to the T&C.
  12. Optionally agree to receive the updates from the platform.
  13. Confirm your phone number.
  14. Congratulations, you’re now a new member of BetKing.

How to Log Into BetKing

The sign-in process is also a crucial part of using any bookmaker. Without logging in it wouldn’t be possible to place wagers. Here are your steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Find the “Username/Mobile” and “Password” fields on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Alternatively, type in your username.
  5. Enter the password.
  6. Click “Login.”
  7. You’ve successfully logged in!

BetKing’s Bonuses

BetKing’s Bonuses
Join Betking Uganda now and seize your significant welcome bonus!

Being an established platform, BetKing provides nice promotions to its users. Some of them target new punters, while others are designed for existing customers.

The Free Bet Bonus

This bonus targets new players. When registering, don’t forget to type in the FREEBETBK promo code. Now, what you have to do is to place the 500 NGN bet. This equals 4,000 UGX. If you do so and it’s settled, then you can receive the 100 NGN (800 UGX) free bet.

5 Times Cashback

This offer isn’t exactly typical. It involves receiving cashback on some of your lost bets, precisely, on the first, third, fifth, seventh, and elevenths ones. If you lose your wager, you will receive 50% cashback (up to 40,000 UGX).

225% Accumulator Bonus

This is a rather standard multiple bet boost. Your accumulator must include at least five selections with odds higher than 1.2. The more selections you have, the bigger the boost. For five lines, it would just be 5%, but for forty, it’s 225%.

Accepted Currencies

Betking Accepted Currencies

BetKing focuses on the market of its home country, Nigeria. So it doesn’t surprise us that the platform only works with the local currency (NGN). We hope that we will see support for others, such as UGX, in the future. But as of now, NGN is the only option.

How to Deposit Funds

BetKing How to Deposit Funds

After you register but before you start betting, there’s another crucial step: adding money into your account. The bookmakers handle it in different manners, so let’s check out the options offered on BetKing.

And before we start reading about the methods, let’s take a look at the steps required for depositing money into the platform:

  1. Open the website.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on the “Deposit” button.
  4. Select the method.
  5. Continue by following the instructions.

Offered Deposit Methods

BetKing provides several ways to add money to your account, but the problem is that all of them only work for Nigerian banks and credit cards. There are direct transfers, as well as payment systems such as PayStack, OPay, and InterSwitch.

Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to use any of these methods since the platform only accepts the cards registered in Nigeria. But if you happen to own one, then you can enjoy everything about depositing money into BetKing without any issue.

First Deposit Bonus

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the platform offers the first deposit bonus at this moment. We hope to see one in the future. And the good news is that there are enough other promotions to enjoy.

Minimum Deposit Amount

The minimum sum is just 100 NGN. It converts to around 800 UGX. So you don’t have to possess a lot of money to start betting on the platform.

Deposit Code

Sometimes, during the depositing process, you will have to enter a code, be it a paybill one or a USSD one. There are many of them, and if you want to learn more about them, it’s better to check the details for the exact deposit method.

Prediction Tips

If you’re unhappy with your betting results or are just striving to become better, there exist several ways to improve it. Of course, they don’t work like magic that will instantly fix all of your problems, and there are two reasons for that. First, they will require some work. And secondly, this activity is mainly luck-based, even though a lot of skill is involved. Here are the recommendations:

  • Learn how betting works. Check out existing markets, understand how the bets are calculated, and research the basics.
  • Get familiar with the discipline you’re wagering on. Learn more about the sport, its rules and history. Understanding the nuances will be very beneficial. Moreover, we’d recommend keeping up with the recent events of the game since things can change relatively quickly. 
  • Plan your budget. If you don’t want betting to become expensive before you know it, then learn bankroll management. Plan the spendings, understand how much money you need and learn not to go overboard.
  • Analyze the statistics and listen to the professionals. The Internet gives you access to many tools in the world and also makes it possible to check what the public thinks about upcoming events. Moreover, many experts are willing to share their knowledge and experience online, sometimes even offering direct prediction tips.
  • Diversify your actions. While placing bets only on one sport and a single market can yield great results, we will always recommend trying new things to get more experience and a deeper understanding of all wagering nuances.
  • Avoid accumulators. Multiple wagers aren’t a good idea unless you’re an experienced player or they consist only of safe selections. In all other cases, accumulators tend to be way too risky, even though they can provide great returns.
  • Don’t place high stakes. You can ignore this recommendation if you’re a professional or have the money to spend. Otherwise, don’t bet high stakes or risk more than you can lose without any issues.
  • Analyze your betting activity. Keeping track of your previous wagers, researching them and finding your weak spots will be very beneficial both short and long-term. We’d say that so far, this tip is the most important one.

How to Bet

BetKing How to Bet

Betting is the main thing about any bookmaker. So, naturally, this article wouldn’t be ever complete without giving an overview on how wagering works on the website. Below we will give a tutorial on how to place bets:

  1. Visit BetKing.
  2. Find the sport you want to bet on.
  3. Select the event.
  4. Research the wagering markets.
  5. Click on the odds. Or tap if you’re using your mobile phone.
  6. Enter the stake.
  7. Place the bet.
  8. All done.

Betting Markets

We’ve already outlined that there are enough sports to wager on. But let’s dive a bit deeper into some of them and see how betting on them works on the platform.


Seeing soccer in the list of offered sports shouldn’t surprise you since this is the most common game to bet on. BetKing features many soccer events, as well as a large selection of betting markets for this discipline: moneylines, over/unders, total scores, GG/NG, and several variations of handicaps, among others.


This game doesn’t reach the levels of popularity achieved by soccer, but it’s pretty close. BetKing offers plenty of basketball events to bet on, and the list of wagering markets isn’t short either: apart from classic moneylines and over/unders, there are Draw No Bets, wagering on half-time results, and Odd/Evens.

Betting Types

Now it’s time to check the wagering markets that the platform offers. Thankfully, the diversity is pretty impressive: apart from simple betting types, you can also place your wagers on more specific ones. Below, we will explain how some of the markets work in detail.


This is the most common betting type. The reason lies in its simplicity: you just have to guess the outcome of the game. The possible ones include the win of either team or a draw. And there’s no need to predict anything else.


Another extremely simple betting market, over/unders imply wagering on whether some number related to the game will be higher or lower than a certain value. The number usually refers to the total points or goals scored during the game, but it’s not the only option. The betting market is called “over” when you’re wagering on the number exceeding the value, and “under” when you’re guessing that it won’t. As an example, wagering on the “Over 3.5” in football means that the teams have to score four or more goals during the game.


This type of wager isn’t exactly typical, but it’s not uncommon, either. It involves betting on whether or not both teams will score something during the game. The “GG” refers to both teams scoring any goal or point, while the “NG” literally means “No Goal” and refers to neither doing so. Sometimes, the platforms call the “GG” market “Both Teams to Score.”

Betting Limits

The minimum stake is 100 NGN. It is roughly 800 UGX, and that’s not a big sum, making wagering on the platform rather accessible. The website doesn’t specify an upper limit at all, so we can only presume that it’s large.

How to Withdraw Funds

BetKing How to Withdraw Funds

Withdrawing the funds is usually the last step you have to take after betting. If your wager was successful and you won some money, you can now withdraw the funds. Here are the steps to do so from BetKing:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Tap the “My Account” button or click it.
  4. Select “Withdraw.”
  5. Click or tap on the “Withdraw Now” option.
  6. Provide your financial information.
  7. Enter the amount.
  8. All done.

Withdrawal Methods

BetKing supports withdrawing your funds into your account at any local bank. The main Nigerian ones are supported, such as Zenith or GTBank. Our article targets Ugandan players, so make sure that you have an account with Nigerian banks and don’t move the funds into your Ugandan account.

BetKing Casino Options

BetKing features some casino options, so you can always find where to gamble. The number of games isn’t the largest, but it’s plenty for an average punter’s needs. There are classics such as roulette and blackjack, as well as some games like Aviator.

Offered Sports

BetKings Offered Sports

The website offers a sizable list of disciplines. It includes popular sports such as soccer, tennis, and basketball. But less common choices are also available: golf, boxing, cycling, and bowling, among others. Unfortunately for fans of eSports, there are no video game options. The same is true for tabletop games.

Available in the Following Countries

BetKing is a Nigerian platform first, but you can access it from other countries, especially if you’re from the African continent. The website doesn’t have a betting and gambling license in other countries besides Nigeria, so use it at your own risk.

BetKing Customer Support

BetKing Customer Support

If you ever run into issues or have questions to ask, then you can try to contact customer care. It works on a 24/7 basis, and below are the ways to contact it.

Chat to live Support: Live Chat
WhatsApp: 017005581
Standart Rate Call: 017005581
Facebook: BetkingNG
Twitter: BetkingNG


Betking Conclusion

In this article, we took a closer look at BetKing, an all-around betting and wagering platform. The bookmaker offers plenty of features to satisfy the needs of different kinds of punters, so we took our time explaining all of the important aspects in detail.

We’re hoping that BetKing will come to Uganda soon, but for now, stay tuned with us and read our other articles.

Name Bonus Cash Out Live Streaming
BetKing No Yes No
BetLion No Yes No
Bet365 100% up to $30 in Bet Credits Yes Yes
22Bet 550.000 UGX Yes Yes
1xBet 1.250.000 UGX Yes Yes


How do I place a bet on BetKing with the code?
You can click the “Book a Bet” button after visiting the website and insert the code.
How can I place my bet?
We’ve already described the steps for wagering on the platform in this article. You only have to log in, find the sport and event, select the market, and enter the stake.
What is the minimum bet amount for BetKing?
The minimum stake is around 800 UGX.
How do I place a free bet on BetKing?
There’s a promotion that allows you to receive an 800 UGX free bet after placing a bet with a stake of at least 4,000 UGX. There are no special prerequisites apart from entering the FREEBETBK promo code during registration.
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