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Cashout is one of the superb features a betting site or app can have. So, if you’re looking for a worthy online sportsbook, remember to check if this option is available. Meanwhile, read our comprehensive tutorial on cashout and the best apps in Uganda that offer this feature. 

Stopping by Uganda’s Betting Apps

As well as many other services, products, and activities, gambling is becoming increasingly mobile. Every decent bookmaker can boast a feature-rich application adjusted to the needs and wants of Ugandan players. 1xBet, 22Bet, and MelBet are only a few such instances.

So, what are the characteristics of the benchmark mobile apps for sports betting in the region? In brief, the following:

  • They are free and safe to download from the operators’ sites.
  • Account registration and activation are done by phone number.
  • Mobile payments are the primary deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • You can find the same betting options in the app as on the website.
  • App users can participate in various promotions and earn bonuses.

If you want more insights into betting apps in Uganda, our review will satisfy your curiosity.  

Rank Bonus Info Action
Up to 1,250,000 UGX for the Initial Deposit
  • Above-average odds
  • Sports A to Z
  • Hundreds of markets
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Up to 880,000 UGX for the Initial Deposit
  • Live broadcasts
  • Loyalty program
  • Multiple eSports
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Up to 900,000 UGX for the Initial Deposit
  • Instant-win games
  • VIP casino cashback
  • 2-factor authentication
Take it
Up to 550,000 UGX for the Initial Deposit
  • Accumulator boost
  • Сasino diversity
  • Immediate deposits
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Up to 30,000 UGX in Free Bet for the Initial Deposit
  • Live odds boost
  • All kinds of virtuals
  • Weekly jackpots
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Free Bets for New Users
  • Speedy payouts
  • Promo codes
  • 24/7 customer care
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Up to 20,000 UGX in Free Bet for the Initial Bet
  • Top global leagues
  • Daily bonus offers
  • Lite games collection
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Overview of the Best Apps with Cashout

Overview of the Best Apps with Cashout

Without drifting off-topic, let’s run through the prime Ugandan applications where you can make sports predictions and cash out on them now. 


The heavyweight of the international gambling scene, 1xBet provides apps for devices running on Android, iOS, and Windows. Whichever of the products you play with, you can make all sorts of sports betting predictions, choosing from copious events.

After making your selections, you can profitably sell your bet slip, in other words, cash out.


BetWinner is another fine specimen application with a great assortment of entertainment. You can wager on the most thrilling regular and electronic sports competitions from worldwide tournaments. The choice of betting markets is to everyone’s liking.

If you don’t want to wait too long, you can sell your slip to BetWinner and take your money.   


The MelBet mobile product invites you to place stakes on numerous scheduled and real-time events from a range of sports and leagues. You can make your play even more engaging by betting on gainful accumulators of the day or by turning on live streaming.

It’s up to you to decide when to stop the game and collect your winnings using the cashout.  


The 22Bet app has a small footprint yet holds a huge library of sporting contests, from soccer matches to horse races. Cybersports and virtuals are also included. The bonus program starts working from the moment of your registration and onwards.

If you feel the time is right, you can sell your bet to the bookie and make an immediate profit.

What Is a Bet With Cash Out?

What Is a Bet With Cash Out?

So, a cashout bet is a bet that can be settled early, that is, before the actual ending of the match. This feature allows you to always be in the black since the payout is guaranteed, whatever the upshot. 

Sportsbooks may offer this option in different formats. For example, you can prematurely settle your wager as follows:

  • in part—you only withdraw part of your stake early, and the rest remains placed;
  • in full—you withdraw the amount of your stake in advance and in full;
  • automatically—you set a specific value and withdraw as soon as it’s reached. 

Cashout may be enabled for singles, multiples, accumulators, systems, and other bet types, depending on the operator’s rules and policy. 

Examples of Cash Out Bets

Below are scenarios where you can get your money without waiting for the sporting event to end. First, let’s make a single selection and see what a cashout offering may look like.

SportEventMarketOddsStake Potential WinsCashout
BasketballLos Angeles Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors1X2 Los Angeles Lakers1.541,000 UGX1,540 UGX1,309UGX

Each new selection on your online ticket increases your potential winnings and the early withdrawal amount. Here’s a cashout example for a multi consisting of two events.

SportEventMarketOddsStake Potential WinsCashout

UD Almería vs. Girona1X2 UD Almería4.88

1,000 UGX

7,725.04 UGX

6,566.28 UGX
Darmstadt 98 vs. Borussia Dortmund1X2 Borussia Dortmund

As you can see, in both examples, the cashout amount is lower than the potential winnings. It’s given for a particular moment with the current odds being considered.

Cash Out Betting Tips & Strategies

The feature is a potent tool for punters. With its help, betting app users can manage wagers as they see fit. Here are some tips and recommendations to make this tool even more effective.

  • Scrutinize the bookmaker’s rules, generally listed in the T&C or FAQ section, to know all the dos and don’ts and to cash out successfully.
  • Do preliminary research to know in advance the balance of power in the match, what is at stake for each team, and what can be expected from the opponents.
  • Don’t opt for cashout blindly. Follow the event you’re betting on carefully to understand whether it’s really worth withdrawing early or not.
  • Cashout offerings are unstable and depend on how the game unfolds, so it’s crucial not to miss the moment when the offer is at its peak.
  • Harness all the in-app cashout varieties available, such as partial or automatic options, to manage risks, maneuver, and plan ahead.

Is the Cash Out Option Worth Using?

Is the Cash Out Option Worth Using?

The universal answer is by all means. Cashout is a true safeguard. It provides a safety net for players who don’t want to put up with possible losses and leave without earning anything. However, there’s no universal betting strategy.

Apart from cautious bettors and low rollers, there are high rollers and risk takers. The latter don’t want to settle for less and wish to get all or nothing, so early withdrawal may not be their cup of tea.  

How to Use the Cash Out Feature

How to Use the Cash Out Feature

The feature is not only a helping hand but also a no-brainer when it comes to its use. The steps may vary based on the app and user interface. But there are some common actions you need to take to grab your money without languishing in suspense. Here they are:

  • Open the tab with your unsettled bets, which is usually the betting history.
  • Make sure the cashout option is activated for the bet you wish to close.
  • If you’re happy with the amount offered, tap the corresponding button.
  • Check the confirmation message and get the sum credited to your account.

Why Do Sportsbooks Offer Cash Out?

We can identify several reasons, some more evident than others, why this option is part of the must-have functionality of state-of-the-art Ugandan apps.

Reason #1: Winning players

The more offerings, the greater the competitive advantage. Sportsbooks vie for punters’ attention with handy features, and the ones with cashout will always have the edge.

Reason #2: Retaining clients

Cashout not only attracts new customers but also makes them loyal. No one will turn down a sports betting application that has everything they need for a fulfilling experience.

Reason #3: Fostering the sector

Cashout is a relatively new phenomenon that gives bettors much more room for maneuvering, makes betting more enjoyable, and thus contributes to industry development.  

Reason #4: Earning and letting earn

The feature is a win-win for all: punters significantly reduce losses and keep some of the profits, saving sportsbooks from having to pay out the maximum possible winnings.

Pluses and Minuses of Using Cash Out

Pluses and Minuses of Using Cash Out

We’ve already covered some benefits of this betting option and mentioned when it might not come into play. Now, let’s pinpoint all the pros and cons so that you can see the big picture.

  • You secure your winnings.
  • You get credited immediately.
  • You minimize your losses.
  • You save yourself time.
  • You avoid stress and tension.
  • You diversify your approach.
  • It doesn’t need any setup to use.
  • The payout is lower than the usual outcome.
  • It may not be available for some selections.
  • Free bets and other bonuses don’t normally apply.

How Is Cash Out Calculated?

How Is Cash Out Calculated?

It’s no secret that the amount you receive in case of cashing out can change throughout the game. So, how is it calculated? Sportsbooks use their own calculation formulas, and the vital thing here is not how exactly they do the math but what they take into account.

The following factors do count when bookies calculate the price for which they’re ready to buy out your bet:

  • time remaining before the game ends;
  • the current circumstances of the match;
  • the probability of the successful bet outcome;
  • the sports event and betting market in question.

Considering the above, sportsbooks adjust the odds in real-time and generate the price. 

Best Sports for Cash Out Betting

Best Sports for Cash Out Betting

You can utilize cashout while placing stakes on your much-loved sports. The main thing is that the particular bookmaking company or betting application allows this. Each operator defines sports, events, markets, and bet types for which the feature is valid.

So the plan is that you open the app, check out the rules, and then choose a sport for betting and early withdrawal from the possible options. However, regardless of the specific sportsbook, there are several traditional cashout disciplines.

American Football

American football is one of the popular activities where early bet settlement can come in handy. If this sport is on the app, more than likely, you can cash out on it as well.


Soccer dominates Ugandan betting apps. So, no wonder you can select from an array of soccer markets, place your wager, and close it fully, partially, or automatically in advance.


Instead of waiting for the outcome of a basketball match, you can guarantee your winnings ahead of time. The amount depends on your scrutiny, dedication, and forward-thinking.


Like other individual sports, tennis can be a real challenge regarding predictions. Therefore, the best way out can be selling your tennis bet to the bookmaker and avoiding the risks.

Other Sports to Bet on With Cash Out

Of course, the above list is far from complete. New disciplines get added as punters’ interest in cashout constantly grows. Ugandan sports betting market champions, such as 1xBet, MelBet, BetWinner, and 22Bet, provide plenty of opportunities for early settlement.

You can close your wager successfully and prematurely while staking on such activities as

  • volleyball;
  • baseball;
  • horse racing;
  • ice hockey.

Concluding Thoughts

Concluding Thoughts

Cashout is an extraordinary feature in the arsenal of cutting-edge sports betting applications. It lets you instantly settle your bet before the match is even over, thus ensuring your profits and mitigating risks. Fortunately, Ugandan players have no shortage of such apps.


Can I refuse a cash out offer?
Whether or not to use this function is entirely up to you. However, as you click to cash out and get a confirmation message, there’s no turning back. The point is that certain odds and, consequently, the bet price are fixed at closing.
What does “cash out suspended” mean?
Such status may appear if there’s an incident during the game or a technical problem. Based on the specific situation and the bookmaker’s rules, early settlement can either be restored or annulled. In the latter case, the bet slip will close as normal.
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